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General Rules
Marina Rules and Regulations

Updated Partially, June 24, 2010

Section 1 – Parking

1.0 Except as set forth in this paragraph, no vehicle shall be parked on the streets of the Condominium. A Co-Owner of a unit in the Condominium may grant temporary permission to their guests or invitees to park immediately in front of their unit for a period not to exceed 24 hours. No vehicle shall be parked in such manner as to obstruct traffic. No vehicles or trailers may be parked on vacant lots.

2.0 The association shall maintain an area for temporary storage of handcarts, golf carts and bicycles used by Co-Owners to reach and service their watercraft. There is no provision for long-term parking of vehicles and/or trailers in the marina area while Co-Owners are exercising their boating privileges. Co-Owners may temporarily park their vehicles near the Forest Bay Marina and boat launch ramp in the areas posted for a period not to exceed 15 minutes in order to bring fuel and supplies to their boats or to launch Boats. Vehicles and trailers must be removed form the marina/boat launch area after that time or the Co-Owner will be assessed a $25.00 fine

3.0 Violators may be towed. A Board Member or appointed designee may authorize the removal of a vehicle/trailer in violation of the parking regulations.

4.0  Absolutely No Parking down at the Marina or Boat Launch area.  All violators will be towed at the owner’s expense.  You may drop off your items for your visit to the marina / beach, but then must drive your vehicle back to your residence, this includes all your guests.

5.0  Vehicles, other than those for primary transportation, may not be parked or stored on the premises, except cars or boats parked in garages.  Boats, campers, motorcycles, snowmobiles or house trailers; all terrain, inoperable & commercial vehicles are all prohibited from long-term parking on premises unless garaged.

6.0  Tennis Court Parking area is for co-owners and their guests to use while playing tennis.  All others could be towed at owners expense.

Section 2 – Boat Registration, Marina and Launch Use

1.0 Pursuant to the Consent Judgment between Forest Bay Limited Partnership, the Charter Township of Waterford and the Oakland County Road Commission, there shall be no more than 94 marina watercraft slips for the use of off-water sites and 33 canal watercraft docks for the use of the on-water sites in the Development.

2.0 The use of these slips and docks is exclusively for the 94 Co-Owners of the occupants of the off-water condominium sites and the 33 Co-Owners of the on-water condominium sites, respectively.

3.0 Each off-water site shall be permitted to dock only one watercraft at the Marina. Each on-water site shall be permitted to dock and use only two power watercraft (one pontoon and one speedboat; or; one pontoon or speedboat and one jet ski) in the canal.

4.0 The Board or an authorized representative shall periodically inspect the Marina for the presence of unauthorized watercraft docked at slips in the Marina and at the docks around the canal.

5.0 If the number of authorized watercraft docked at a slip is exceeded for a period of more than 48 hours, the Co-Owner will be subject to fines according to the following schedule: 1-st offense – written warning, 2-nd offense, $25.00, 3-rd offense, $50.00, 4-th and subsequent offenses – $100.00.  A $10 Administrative Fee will be added to each occurrence/notification for our CPA firm to send these notifications on behalf of the Board.

6.0 Unauthorized watercraft tied to a slip on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are considered to be transient watercraft, not permanently docked watercraft, and not subject to the inspections and fines called out above.

7.0 There shall be no out of water off-season outdoor storage of watercraft on the property.

8.0 Use of the Forest Bay Boat Launch and docks is limited to Forest Bay registered watercraft only. Co-Owners shall be present with guests at all times when they are using facilities.

9.0 Co-Owners shall obtain a Boat Registration Sticker from the Association and affix it to the port side of the watercraft near the State Boat Registration number, where it shall be visible for inspection when the boat is in the marina slip, even if the watercraft is covered. Co-Owners with multiple watercrafts must register all watercraft that will be docked or launched in the Forest Bay Marina. Please complete the required watercraft registration form (available here on the website) Boat Registration Form and attach a copy of your MC Registration.  MC Registration, from The Secretary of State, must clearly read that the boat is registered with the Co-Owner/Resident’s name and their Forest Bay address.  Forward the Boat Registration Form and MC Registration to Harbor Master to ensure that your receive your watercraft registration sticker. It is the Co-owners responsibility to personally pick up this watercraft registration sticker from the Harbor Master, no sticker will be mailed or delivered.  If a Co-Owner already has a valid Boat Registration Sticker from a previous year, there is no need to re-register the watercraft.

10.0 Upon registering a watercraft, the Co-Owner shall be allowed to purchase a key to the lock that secures the Condominium Boat Launch ramp. (Keys can be obtained from Harbor Master – Larry Masserant 734-890-6084 for a fee of $25 dollars.)

11.0 The Board or a duly authorized representative shall periodically inspect the Marina for the presence of unauthorized watercraft tied to slips in the Marina and to the docks around the canal.

12.0 Any watercraft not carrying a current Forest Bay sticker will be subject to fines according to the following schedule:  1st offense- writtten warning, 2nd offense – $25.00 fine, 3rd offense – $50.00 fine, 4th and subsequent offenses – $100.00 fine.  A $10 Administrative Fee will be added to each occurrence/notification for our CPA firm to send these notifications on behalf of the Board.

13.0 Bumpers and bumper strips must be commercial in type and white in color. No other materials or colored bumper pads of any kind may be mounted to the docks. Bumper strips must be mounted no higher than the walking level of the docks. Bumper strips must be screwed to the docks and not nailed. Any non-approved bumper materials will be removed by the authorization of the Board and the Co-Owners expense.

Section 3 – Boat Lifts

1.0 The Forest Bay Board of Directors has approved the use of boat lifts in both the Forest Bay Association Marina off-water and on-water slips (canal and marina).

2.0 Lifts can be battery powered, mechanical, or AC electrical (AC electrical permitted only in the canal, there is no AC source at the marina).

3.0 All batteries must be removed from the docks by October 15th of every year. Any batteries remaining will be removed at the direction of the Board and disposed of at the Co-Owners expense.

4.0 In the marina, the lift must fit fully within the space of one slip, that is, it cannot occupy more than 50% of the space between two docks.

5.0 In the canal, the lift must not obstruct traffic flow.

An example of an acceptable lift:
ShoreStation lift shown. Available at 2 locations in Waterford and 1 in White Lake. Midlander lift (not shown, but similar) also available at 1 location in Waterford.

6.0 The Forest Bay Board of Directors has approved the use of canopies only on the canal.

7.0 Canopy colors must be approved by the Board before placing on Canopy.  Any canopy not approved by the Board will be removed at the owners expense.

8.0 Canopies should be appropriately sized for the boat, typically not more than 2 ft longer than the boat. The end of the canopy should not impact navigating the canal.

9.0 Lifts and canopies must be operational and in good repair at all times. Canopy removal in the off-season is highly recommended to extend the life of the canopy. Lifts and/or canopies must be properly maintained by a Co-Owner or they will be repaired by the Board of Directors at the Co-Owner’s expense.

10.0 Lifts/canopies cannot be stored anywhere outdoors on Forest Bay property during the off-season.

11.0 Any resident wanting to install a boat lift and/or canopy must submit a proposal to Larry Masserant HarborMaster 734-890-6084 (available here on the website Boat Lift Request Form, HarborMaster or from a Board member). Installation shall not begin until the board provides written approval.

12.0 If a Co-Owner installed an unauthorized lift without the explicit consent of the Board of Directors, it shall be removed by the authorization of the Board at the Co-Owners expense.

Section 4 – Use of the Marina for a Special Event Parking

1.0 A Co-Owner may apply to the Board of Directors to use the Marina area for a Special Event. The applicant must be a Co-Owner in Forest Bay, the host/hostess of the event, and in attendance at all times.

2.0 A usage fee is no longer required, however, a $50.00 refundable security deposit is required at the time of booking. It will be returned following an inspection by an authorized person.

3.0 All current rules and regulations for the Marina will apply.

4.0 All facilities are to be shared with the Co-Owners who may wish to picnic, play, or be in the Marina area.

5.0 Applicant Co-Owner shall be responsible for their guests at all times during the scheduled event.

6.0 Sound should be kept at a reasonable level at all times.

7.0 Events must end at 11:00 PM.

8.0 If a tent is used, it must be removed by 11:00 AM the following morning. All clean up must also be completed by that time.

9.0 Deposits may be forfeited for any violation of these regulation or damages that occur during the event. Any damage exceeding the deposit amount shall be the responsibility of the applicant Co-Owner.

10.0 Parking for the events must be arranged by the applicant Co-Owner and must follow all parking restrictions as set forth in Section 1 of these Rules.

Section 5 – Enforcement of Violations

1.0 The Association shall enforce the requirements set forth in the Master Deed, Bylaws, Amendments and the Consent Agreement as described in the Purchaser Information Booklet for Forest Bay as well as those set forth in the Rules and Regulations covering Parking, Marina and Boat Launch Ramp use, Special Event Use, and Boat Lifts.

2.0 Unless there is a dangerous situation that must be averted or unless otherwise noted in the Master Deed, Bylaws, Amendments, or Consent Agreement, the requirements set forth in these Rules and Regulations shall adhere to the following enforcement procedures.

  • Upon discovering a violation of the requirement of the aforesaid documents, the Board, or a duly appointed representative shall contact the Co-Owner by letter on the first violation. The letter shall state the nature of the violation, provide reference to the authority for the Association to act in cases of non-compliance, and provide a date by which the violation must be corrected.
  • Subsequent violations for non-compliance will automatically be assessed the appropriate fines; $25.00 for the 2nd violation, $50.00 for the 3rd violation, and $100.00 for the 4th violation and any subsequent violations.
  • A $10 Administrative Fee will be added to each occurrence/notification for our CPA firm to send these notifications on behalf of the Board.

Section 6 – Construction Requirements

  1. Co-Owners or Builders who wish to construct on their property within the Condominium shall first obtain approval from the Board of Directors of Forest Bay before submitting plans to the Township of Waterford for review and approval.  Work cannot be started until written approval has been given by the Board of Directors of Forest Bay and the plans have been reviewed and approved by the Waterford Township Building Department.


  1. In order to start the plan review process, the Co-Owner / Builder shall submit two (2) sets of scaled, blueprint drawings of the proposed construction details and types of materials to be used to the Board of Directors for full review & approval.
  1. Color schemes, shingles, siding, landscaping, etc. shall be detailed.  A time table for completion must also accompany the package.


  1. Minimum size requirements for a given type of residence in the Condominium are as follows:

Size of Residence, (Minimum living area; footprint shall be exclusive of garage, 

porch, patio or basement)


One Story Home   (1500 square feet)

Bi-Level    (1900 square feet; 1200 square feet footprint)

One & One-half Story   (1800 square feet; 1200 square feet footprint)

Tri-Level    (1800 square feet; 1200 square feet footprint)

Two Story    (1900 square feet; 1200 square feet footprint)

  1. Co-Owners / Builders shall submit a Site Plan (1” = 20’) which shall indicate:
  2. Building location within the building envelope.

Note:  Must meet Waterford Township R-1-A zoning requirements with the R-1- B minimum sideyard setbacks. Sideyard set backs total 15’ with a minimum of 5’ on one side. Refer to the Forest Bay Condominium Documents for exact envelope dimensions.

  1.    Existing grade elevations and any proposed changes.
  2. Direction of water run off with arrows.
  3. Location of driveways, walks and decks.
  4. First floor elevation and relation of proposed building to adjacent buildings.
  1. Co-Owners / Builders shall submit House Plans and All Elevations (1/4” = 1’) which shall indicate:
  2. Square feet total per floor.
  3. Exterior materials and colors.
  4. Roof materials and colors.
  5. All exterior masonry materials and colors.
  6. All exterior glass (location and color)

**Samples May Be Required**

  1. A minimum 40% of the total brickable surface area of the elevations must be covered in brick and/or stone.  The remainder of the exposed surface area may consist of wood, cementitious board siding, pressed board siding and/or stucco.
  2. No more than 15% of the visible exterior may be composed of Aluminum/Vinyl, cement, or Slag.
  1. Co-Owners / Builders shall submit a Landscape Plan (1” = 20’ or larger) which shall indicate:
  2. Those trees which may be affected by the requirements of the Waterford Township Woodlands Preservation Ordinance.
  3. Driveway material (must be asphalt or concrete) and construction (show drain tiles, brickwork, etc.).
  4. Planting materials (scientific names).
  5. Size of plantings by height or caliper.

Existing trees alone will not be considered adequate landscaping, but may be used as part of the overall landscape plan.  The Architectural Review Committee shall have the responsibility to review all major landscaping additions, including the planting of trees.  In cases where tree plantings have the potential to affect a neighboring yard, the Committee shall take the wishes of the neighboring Co-Owner into consideration.


Front and side yards must be sodded and landscaped within 30 days of occupancy unless climate conditions preclude.  Indicate whether remainder of yard is to be sod, seed or hydroseed. Some natural areas may be approved as is, on some sites.  Rear yard must be completed within sixty (60) days after occupancy.  Construction Bond will not be returned until landscaping is completed.  NOTE:  Section 8(j) below requires that all construction and landscaping should be completed within 18 months of commencement of construction.

  1. Builder / Co-Owner is Required to:
  1. Read and sign the Architectural Requirements (Appendix A of these Regulations), fill out and submit the Construction Installation / Alteration Permit and Plan Submittal Checklist (Appendices B and C of these regulations, respectively) at the time the aforementioned plans are submitted.
  1. Provide a Construction Bond to the Association in the amount of $3,000.00 at the time the plans are submitted.  In the event violations occur in maintaining the roadway, storm sewers and drainage structures free of all silt and debris with a properly installed silt fence during construction, and keeping the site free of trash and litter, the Construction Bond may be drawn against by the Association to correct the violations.  If the Bond is depleted down to $1,000.00 at any time during the construction the homeowner agrees to bring it back up to the $3,000.00 level until construction is completed.  Failure to reestablish the Bond in the required amount shall result in withdrawal of Architectural Review Committee approval and the cessation of all construction activities at the site.
  1. Notify the Architectural Review Board of the start date of construction.  The start date shall generally be considered as the first day of ground-breaking activity on the site.
  1. Provide a suitable receptacle such as a dumpster or rolloff for trash and litter and keep building site clean and free of trash and litter (burying of trash is prohibited).   Police the area each day construction occurs and clean off blown debris from adjacent property.  Empty the receptacle as needed and remove it prior to obtaining Certificate of Occupancy.
  1. Park on pavement ONLY. The Co-Owner or Builder shall provide an apron of crushed stone, coarse sand, aggregate, or concrete rubble for delivery of building materials and optional off-street parking.  No delivery vehicles are allowed off pavement without special authorization.
  1. Keep the roadway clear 20’ in both directions at all mailbox locations so as not to obstruct the delivery of the U.S. Mail.
  1. Install and maintain silt fences or hay bales on property as necessary and install and maintain silt collection bags in the nearest downgradient storm drains until landscaping is installed and suitably established to control erosion.  Keep roadway, storm sewers and drainage structures free of all silt and clean up as necessary.
  1. Provide a portable toilet for workmen on site.  Remove same prior to obtaining Certificate of Occupancy.
  1. Have the property staked for existing underground utility locations.  This can be done by calling MISS DIG at 1-800-42-7171 at least one (1) week prior to commencement of any work.
  1. Complete the home within 18 months of commencement of construction.  This also includes the installation of sod and landscaping in the front and side yards.  If said home is not completed within the specified time, the bond will be retained by the Association to be used for Reserves, maintenance or improvements to the Common Elements of the Condominium.
  1. Finish the rear yard installation of lawn (by seed, hydroseed or sod), landscaping and driveways within 60 days after receipt of Certificate of Occupancy.
  1. Notify the Board of Directors of any damage to silt fences, mail boxes, landscaping, street signs, other Common Elements or other Co-Owner’s property.  The Co-Owner / Builder shall also notify the appropriate utility company of cable, electric, water, gas or telephone utility damage that occurs.
  1. Any additions, changes of alterations to the plans originally submitted and approved must be resubmitted to the Architectural Review Committee for approval.
  1. All homes constructed by builders on speculation must be completed according to the requirements above prior to being opened to the public for sale.
  1. Co-Owner / Builder agrees not to begin construction prior to 7:00 a.m. and will not work past 7:00 p.m. on a daily basis.
  1. The Co-Owner / Builder shall obtain all necessary building permits from Waterford Township at the following address:


Waterford Township Building Department

5200 Civic Center Drive

Waterford, MI  48329

(248) 674-3111


  1. Upon completion of all construction and landscaping, the Co-Owner / Builder shall complete the Request for Final Inspection and Construction Bond Release (Appendix D of these Regulations) and submit it to the Architectural Review Committee along with a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy.


–   Architectural Requirements (Appendix A) 

     –   Construction Installation / Alteration Permit (Appendix B)

     –   Plan Sumbittal Checklist (Appendix C)

     –   Request for Final Inspection & Construction Bond Release (Appendix D)




Archi tectural  Requi rements

(This is not the actual Form, see above for link to Form) 


The Architectural Review Committee is responsible for the review and recommendation for approval by the Board of Directors of the building plans for construction or alterations, site plans and exterior appearance of all homes as well as the installation of landscaping materials at the home.  The Association Bylaws provisions stated in Article VI contain the general requirements.

The Architectural Review Committee has formed the following architectural control requirements:

  1. Alteration/construction and improvement requests will be considered only if submitted in accordance with procedures established by the Architectural Review Committee.
  1. The initial approval granted by the Committee shall constitute only an authority to construct.  Any constructions so approved will be in accordance with the approved request, the municipality building code and shall be subject to final inspection by the Committee.
  1. The Architectural Review Committee reserves the right to use any of the authorities granted to it under the Master Deed and Condominium By-laws, as well as any other rights available to enforce these policies and the related procedures.  Specifically, Article XIX of the Condominium Bylaws states that the Condominium Association has authority to

“summarily remove and abate, at the expense of the Co-Owners in violation, any structure, thing or condition existing or maintained contrary to the provisions of the Condominium Documents.”

Installation, maintenance and repair of silt fences, cleanup of dirt on roadways and cleanup of construction debris are priorities of the Association.  Co-Owners and / or contractors shall immediately correct such problems or the correction will be made and subsequently charged against the Co-Owner’s / Builder’s Construction Bond.

  1. Alterations/construction done by a Co-Owner and/or contractor shall be done without expense or liability to the Association.   Co-Owners are responsible for the following:
  • Damage to sod, landscaping, roads, and building exteriors during construction.
  • Damage to neighboring units, both interior or exterior during construction.
  • Injury to themselves, members of the public and workmen.
  • Damage to their own or neighboring units caused during or after construction as a result of improper construction or a change in drainage.
  • Maintenance of all construction or landscaping installed in accordance with Article VI of the Master Deed.
  • The removal and/or relocation of any existing structures, landscaping, etc., in connection with said installation.
  • The subsequent removal of patios, decks or landscaping, as required, to allow access to the Association, municipality or utility company for the purpose of carrying on necessary repairs or maintenance.
  • Co-Owner is responsible for any destruction caused by the builder, to lot staking and lot identification signs.  If destruction occurs, such cost will be billed back against the bond.
  1. Co-Owner has been formally notified of the Architectural Requirements and the Regulations concerning construction in the Condominium.  Co-Owners are further aware that both the Architectural Requirements and the Regulations will be enforced by the Association.

Section 7:  Snow Plow Vendor / After Hour Gate Access

The Forest Bay Board of Directors has authorized afterhours gate access for the specific purpose of providing snowplowing services to co-owners.

Co-owners desiring a vendor to perform these services outside the normal gate opening times (6AM-7PM) must:

  1. Sponsor them and obtain on their behalf a TEMPORARY gate clicker/fob from the Gatemaster.
  2. This TEMPORARY clicker/fob will be programmed to be operational only during the 4 month period beginning December 15thand ending April 15th.
  3. The cost for a TEMPORARY clicker/fob is $25 which is non-refundable. However it can be reused by the vendor the following year if the serial number is again provided to the Gatemaster by the sponsoring co-owner for re-programming for the current year’s service.  (Note that this is different than a permanent clicker/fob which is unrestricted for co-owners and costs $50.)
  4. Co-owners do not have to purchase a vendor clicker/fob if the Forest Bay selected snowplow vendor is used by the co-owner. The Board will provide.
  5. Only one TEMPORARY clicker/fob will be provided to a co-owner’s selected snowplow vendor.
  6. Per our By-laws, the sponsoring co-owner is in effect bringing in a guest and is authorizing access to our community the same as being buzzed in.  Therefore, the co-owner is ultimately responsible for any ancillary damage caused by this person to our common elements and other resident’s property (e.g. gouging lawns, mailboxes, etc).
  7. This policy and procedure is exclusive to the provision of snowplowing services.

Maintenance Requests

If you find the need to request maintenance service for an item, which the Association has the responsibility to respond, please fill out a Maintenance Request Form and scan to our email address at:  forestbayassociation@gmail.com

Responses and follow-up to work order requests will be completed once approved by the Board of Directors.

Refuse Service

Waterford Township does not provide refuse service for Forest Bay Association. Forest Bay has contracted with Smith’s Disposal at (248) 625-5470, to provide this service for the entire subdivision, and this cost is included in the quarterly dues.

Smith’s Disposal Service has Thursday pickup. Trash receptacles must be put curbside (not to impede traffic) not earlier than 7:00 pm Wednesday night for Thursday pickup. Recycling pick up is every other week. Yard waste / compost is only from April to November and must not be to heavy so as any person can pick up easily. There is a 12 Bag Limit as well.  All containers must be removed from the curb and put away promptly after pickup not later than 7:00 pm Monday Evening.  If our Thursday pick up is after a major Holiday, then pick up will be delayed One day.  Smith’s is closed six (6) Holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day).

For a complete understanding of what Smith’s Disposal will take, what Special Pick-Ups they will do, what Recycling they will take and will not take, please click on the Tab above labeled “Forms & Resources”, then scroll down to Vendors FBA is under contract with and click on either of the three .pdf files we’ve attached there.  “Smith’s Welcome”, “Items Can Not Take Ltr.”, “Recycling Info.”

Canal, Pond and Marina Weed Treatment

Forest Bay Association contracts with various providers to treat the canal, pond, and marina areas for aquatic weeds. These treatments occur two or three times per year during the summer.

The land areas adjacent to the treated areas must be posted prior treatment, however, not everyone has an opportunity to see the postings. After treatment, there is a period of time where the water should not be used for swimming or irrigation. If you water your lawn using water from the canal, pond, or marina, please notify the Board of Directors so we can make sure you get notified to turn off your sprinklers after the aquatic weed treatment has taken place.

We as a Board have asked all residents not to use Phosphorus products in their lawn fertilizers.  This could be a problem to our waterways (Canal, Pond, Marina) as the water runoff from streets & yards, go directly to the waterways.  If you fertilize yourselves, when you purchase fertilizers look at the labels, as Phosphorus is the second of a three-number ranking on packages that discloses the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in products.  If you have a commercial company fertilize please be sure they do not use Phosphorus products.

Payment of Association Maintenance Fees

Payments of your $300.00 monthly maintenance fees are due on the first or each quarterly month (January, April, July, and October). A late charge in the amount of $25.00 will be assessed on all maintenance fee payments, which are received after the 10-th of each month. Please send your check and payment voucher to the address below. The check should be made payable to “Forest Bay Association”. Payment vouchers for the next year’s dues payments are mailed during the last week of December of the current year.

A Late Payment Notice will be sent to any member who has not paid the appropriate amounts when due. The Late Payment Notice will itemize all amounts due to the Association at which time payment in full is expected. Members who fail to comply with the Board approved payment process may be referred to the Association’s Attorney for collection in accordance with the requirements set forth by your Association documents.

Quarterly payments should be mailed to:

Forest Bay Association

Bonwell, Kelley & Associates, P.C.

1030 Doris Road

Auburn Hills, MI 48326

248-210-2670 Office

248-210-2677 Fax

Colleen’s Email: