Marina Committee/Harbormaster

Our Harbor Master is Larry Masserant 734-890-6084 or  He now handles any type of Marina issue, Forest Bay Boat Stickers for Registration, Marina Boat Slip Issues, that type of thing.  He is in contact with the Forest Bay Board regarding any violations or issues.  If you have a problem or concern regarding the Marina, contact Larry.

For Complete Rules & Regulations concerning Boats, Marina, Boat Launch please see “About Forest Bay” tab, click on Section 2. Or click on Tab “Rules & Regulations” and scroll down to section 2.

The following is only a small summary.


All boats docked at or launched from Forest Bay Marina must be Co-owner/Resident owned and duly registered. Co-owners must obtain a Boat Registration Sticker from the Board and affix it to the watercraft near the State Boat Registration number. The required Watercraft Registration Form (available on the website) must be submitted with a copy of the Co-owner’s MC Registration to the Harbor Master or Board.  Forward the Boat Registration Form and MC Registration to Larry Masserant (Harbor Master) 734-890-6084 to ensure you receive your watercraft registration sticker. It is the Co-owners responsibility to personally pick up this watercraft registration sticker from the Harbor Master, no sticker will be mailed or delivered.  If a Co-Owner already has a valid Boat Registration Sticker from a previous year, there is no need to re-register the watercraft   Any watercraft not displaying a current Forest Bay Sticker is subject to fines and/or removal from the Marina.  A resident may purchase a key to the Marina boat launch ramp from the Harbor Master for a fee of $25.00.

Boat Lifts

A permit (available on the website) must be applied for and approved by the Board before planning to install a boatlift or canopy. Canopies are only approved on the canal.  Anyone installing a Canopy or Boat Lift without the direct approval from the Board could have it removed by the Board at the Co-owner’s expense.  To read the complete details on Boat Lifts please see Forest Bay Documents & Information Page, Section 3 – Boat Lifts. For the Boat Lift Form – see Forms Tab.

Marina/Boat Launch/Canal Use

Residents may swim and play at their own risk at the Marina beach. No lifeguard is provided and all residents are responsible for their own children’s safety. Children may not swim, play on the beach, swim to the swim raft, play on slide or play on the playscape without responsible adult supervision. All residents using the Marina, beach or playscape area are to be respectful of toys, chairs and other items there.

Forest Bay marina docks and slips are exclusively for the use of Co-owners. Marina slips may not be used or rented by relatives and/or friends. Long-term parking of vehicles or trailers is not allowed in the Marina area while Co-owners are boating.

Temporary parking is provided at the entrance to the Marina for handcarts, golf carts and bicycles used by Co-owners. Co-owners may park vehicles near the Marina & boat launch in posted areas (not to exceed 15 minutes) to bring in supplies or launch boats. After 15 minutes, a $25.00 fine may be assessed, and/or vehicles may be towed.

Boats must be removed from the Marina by November 15th. Off-season outdoor watercraft storage is not allowed on condominium premises.

Social Events

Please see Calendar of Events for any type of special event that someone may be planning or if the Board has approved.  Should you care to Chair an event, please contact one of the Board members.

For your own parties or events please see the following rules:

Marina Use for Special Events

A Co-owner may apply to the Board to use the Marina area for a special event, by contacting the Board Treasurer. A $100 refundable deposit is required at the time of booking, which may be forfeited for violation of regulations. Any damages are the sole responsibility of the applicant Co-owner.

Events must end at 11pm. All clean up must be completed by 11am the next morning. If a tent is used, it must be removed by 11am as well. An inspection performed by a Board Member will determine if facilities have been returned to the original condition in order to return the deposit.

All facilities are to be shared with other Co-owners who may wish to picnic, play, or be in the Marina during an event. All current rules and regulations for the Marina area will apply during the event, including parking.